About Us

Energy Solutions Global Inc. is an independent Canadian company founded in 2007, with head office located in London, Ontario.

We are a company of senior energy and water management professionals providing energy engineering services, primarily to the industrial, commercial, municipal, and institutional business sectors across Canada.

We are distinguished in the Canadian energy management consulting industryby the combination of the following factors:

Depth of Experience
Since 2007, we have performed hundreds of energy assessments, energy audits, and detailed technical studies. Each of our energy engineers and technologists has 20+ years of energy management experience, including the delivery of training programs to client energy managers.
Range of Experience
Each of our energy engineering team members specializes in one or more of: sophisticated energy consumption analytics, building construction, industrial and large commercial energy-consuming systems & equipment (e.g. boilers, refrigeration, compressed air), building simulation modelling, renewable energy technology, building re-commissioning.
Bilingual Staff
French and English spoken.
Energy Solutions Global Inc. is an independent business, and is not affiliated with any manufacturer of equipment or technology.
We can further assist our clients through the development processes necessary for project implementation (e.g. business case development, specification-writing), through to savings verification.

Professional Affiliations

All of our staff members are affiliated with two or more of the following professional associations
Association of Energy Engineers logo
Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
Professional Engineers Ontario (POE)
Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)
Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)