Municipal & Institutional Clients

Our energy management services in the municipal and institutional sectors are focused on:
Reducing your building’s operating cost per square foot
Increasing the profitability and/or productivity of your facility asset
Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the operation of your facility.
BOMA recertification requirements
Improved occupant comfort
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Our Services

Our services in the municipal and institutional sectors consist of (ASHRAE Levels 1, 2 and 3) energy audits (building-wide), technical studies (of processes and systems), and strategic plan development, related to the following topics:
Steam and hot water boiler systems.
Chilled water systems.
Lighting optimization.
HVAC system optimization.
Building controls & automation.
Water use optimization.
Electrical demand management.
Global Adjustment cost avoidance (Ontario)
Heat recovery & re-use.
Building envelope improvements.
Greenhouse gas emissions reduction
Decarbonization Plan development
Renewable energy deployment.
Building re-commissioning.

Some of Our Clients

20 VicCanderelColonnade BridgeportElgin CountyRichmond HillToronto HydroCity of Toronto